Experimental Courses

     I am a creative person by nature, and I feel fortunate to be working in education at time when technological development has brought us to the beginning of a period of unprecedented change. Important ideas are being re-examined:


I enjoy designing experimental, interdisciplinary courses. I am trying to find new ways for people to learn -- and new ways for teachers to help them. I believe that technology will facilitate individual learning, but that we need to have broad overviews and understanding of the world to find the relationships between the things that we learn. My courses attempt to help students to sketch out some aspects of an overview that will be meaningful to them. Courses that experiment with constructing overviews include:


Just as we need to have a general understanding of the world outside ourselves, so, too, we need to experience ourselves in a coherent way. Contemporary life focuses on our images, our exterior interfaces with each other. Living in response to the bombardment of modern life is bewildering and disempowering. We can become actors, rather than reactors, if we can figure out who we are and what we need. A course that addressed this learning area is:


Courses In Process:



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