Exploring Myself: Metaphor and Creativity

Course Description:


This course employs the creative use of metaphor to explore the relationship of one's personal self to one's public self and the social and natural world. Using hands-on creative projects and reflective journal writing, students will employ metaphorical thinking as a means of self discovery and problem definition.

Methods of Instruction:



Students will develop:


Major Questions





Students will be evaluated on the quality of thought expressed in:


NOTE: Personal disclosures about thoughts and feelings should be kept at level that is comfortable for the students.

The ocean has one taste: the taste of salt.
The truth has one taste: the taste of liberation.

WEEK 1: Take Me As You See Me


WEEK 2: My Life as a Board Game


WEEK 3: My Two Faces


WEEK 4: String Games


WEEK 5: My Life's Journey

Lecture: / Discussion


WEEK 6: If My Body Fit Me --

Lecture: / Discussion


WEEK 7: If I Met You in a Dream --


WEEK 8: Am I a Captive?

WEEK 9: The Self I Am Becoming


WEEK 10: My Life in Balance


WEEK 11: Exam Week: Celebration and Culmination -- 2 hours


Some Possible Readings:


Possible Videos:


Lesson Project Medium Weekly Topic
1 paper figure who is my public self?
2 board, paper to paste my life as a board game
3 plaster of Paris mask public and private face
4 string and wire string games
5 modelling clay my life's journey
6 3D objects, seeds If my body fit the real me
7 container/ pictures If I met you in a dream
8 paper collage ransom note
9 fabric, starch, wire, wood The self I am becoming
10 mobile balancing my life

Odd numbered lessons explore the self: even numbered lessons explore our relationships with others.

Time Considerations

This course takes about 4 hours a week -- an hour of discussion and about 2 1/2 to 3 hours on the creative projects. This breaks down to 40 hours = 4 hours of quarter credit.

Individual lessons could also be used in workshops.


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