The Educated Person

Course Outline

Individuals and educational institutions ask "What are the qualities of a well-educated person?" in order to determine curricula and long-term goals. Explore and sharpen your answer to this question in a discussion format.


Course Objectives:

The students will discuss questions including the following ones:

Course Requirements:

Each student will participate in the discussions and write a paper describing his/her concept of the educated person on a personal, professional and societal level. This paper will address curricular issues in public education, discuss qualities requisite in an educator, and outline a personal plan for the student's own educational development. It will show evidence of reflection and will outline some of the problems that hinder development as an educated person. The paper may include references and a bibliography and will be approximately 15 pages in length. It should be done on a word processor or typewritten.


Exams are not required for this course. Evaluations will be based on the quality of student assignments.


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