Professional Writing

     My professional writing is mostly about how the technology that we use affects the way that we perceive reality. I am also interested in how the use of electronic media is changing the definition of knowledge, and I wonder how thinking and teaching will be affected by the new media that we are using. I think that our descendants will organize their minds differently from the way that we organize our minds: I wonder what will be gained, and what lost.

My recent publications include:

Viau, E. A. (1998). The FAX Point: The Journal of Recreational Mathematics. 29:4

Viau, E. A. (1998) World Building: A Course of the Future." Ed at a Distance Magazine. January 98

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Learning and Leading With Technology. Volume 25, No. 5. P. 2 - 5

Viau, E. A, (1998). "Shades of Meaning". The Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy.

Viau, E. A., (1998) "Building Models, Building Worlds". Proceedings: The National Educational

Computing Conference, San Diego, June, 1998.

Viau, E. A. & Mark Wistey, (1997) "The Mathematical Determination of Optimal Human Population Size".

Journal of Recreational Mathematics . Volume 28, No. 3, 1996-7, P. 188-193.

Viau, E. A. (1997). Using Student Self-Evaluation in the Grading Process, National Honors Report, Spr.

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in Teacher Education. Fall.

Viau, E.A. (1995). "Using Self-Reports in Grading Divergent Learning Assignments." National Honors Report.


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