Peaceful Places

Eye of the Storm

                         Spirit Walker


   Eye of the Storm

Like the stillness in a dewdrop

I feel this calm---

Not to be battered

In avalanche of bouncing boulder winds

Or brushed away and shattered,

The browse of blustering beasts.

Like reflections in a dewdrop

I float in calm--

The heart buoyed up in silence

Though the sun's gong ring,

The heart made safe in amber

From the crackling spears of days.

I sink into this moment

As a pebble slows--

Falling through boundless radiance,

Through a honeyed sea--

Falling, ever more slowly,

Down, and down,

Away from the muffled

Fading applause of the waves,

To a moment void of movement,

To the pause of peace.

There are no sorrows here--

No knives of anger--

Only the soft caresses of the light

And timeless hush;

Memories melt,

And a new self, healed, unwounded,

Gathers its crystal wholeness like the dew

Empty of all but peace.

Elizabeth Anne Viau

I will start over, over, again and again,

For I carry spring in my heart like a bag of seeds.

I will start over, blossom again and again,

Though I find my roots in dust, and the desert stretching

Far out beyond the horizons of my fear,

to the very ends of the earth, and beyond.

I carry life in my heart like a spring of water

Rising from depths so terrible and deep

That it will outlast the fire in the mountains--

The lava flowing molten through stark and lonely canyons

Will be quenched in those cold, unshakable, ageless springs.

I will begin, again and again, forever,

I will wear my immortality around me

like a royal cloak

I will pour the strength of my soul from body to body,

Through fire, through loss, through pain, through death, through starvation--

I am more than a face, more than a name, or a body

I am the child of life, and his ambassador,

I will carry his message, again, and again, and again

Out over the years, out over the worlds, forever.