I have been writing poetry since I was five years old. I love words; I hear them in my mind as I think: I love the sounds of them, the rhythms, the way that meaning can be packed into a tiny space.

I like the thought structure of poetry. Thinking in analogies is a very old way of thought, and it has considerable power. As a teacher, I find that analogies and models are useful when we must organize unfamiliar experiences and information. I believe that this way of thought will become increasingly important in the next century, because it can create bridges where we only see chasms.

I am sharing a few of my poems here for anyone who might be interested. If you find one that you like, please read it aloud: poems should feel pleasant in the mouth, and nestle in the ear. Taste the sounds, and enjoy. Here are a few poems by subject. I'd be interested in your feedback. My address is: e-mail: eviau@earthlink.net


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